How to install trueCaller on your PC for your kids?

truecaller for your kids

TrueCaller is a prominent phone number directory app available for almost every Smartphone platform including Android, iOS, Windows, e.t.c. TrueCaller provides the user with essential intel and details regarding any anonymous call. In this article, Im going to illustrate how to Download TrueCaller for PC.

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How to Download TrueCaller for PC

To get started with TrueCaller on PC installation, follow the comprehensive guide illustrated below.

  • Basically, Download Bluestacks app player from It enables you to emulate Android Apps on PC.
  • Double Click on the installation file and wait for the installation wizard to initialize. Follow the on-screen instructions to install TrueCaller for PC.
  • Download TrueCaller APK file. You can find it anywhere on the internet. Just Google it for hunting reliable download links.
  • After downloading APK file associated with TrueCaller, Right Click on it and Open it with Bluestacks.
  • TrueCaller for PC installation procedure would automatically progress on your computer.
  • Follow a couple of on-screen instructions and wait for it to progress. Truecaller app associated icon will be created on the My apps

Thats it, you have successfully installed TrueCaller for PC. If you have any trouble accessing or following the instructions depicted above, you can try the follow method alternatively.

Alternative Method:

  • An active internet connection is essential during installation in this process. So make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • Run Bluestacks and click on the large Search icon located on the top. A search input form should pop up.
  • Enter Truecaller in the form and Hit theFind¬† All the relevant results would be displayed.
  • Choose the first result and double click on it start installation.
  • Bluestacks obtains required files of TrueCaller for PC through play store and proceeds with the installation procedure.

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Features of Truecaller for PC

TrueCaller is an intuitive phone directory application. It is currently compatible with Android, Windows Phone 8, Symbian S40 and S60, Blackberry Operating systems. Cross-Platform compatibility is one of the significant aspects that contributed to TrueCallers popularity.

Number Lookup

TrueCaller for PC enables you to find the number of a specific person through their contact Name or any other details associated with their Truecaller account. Met someone at a party? Was too chicken to ask for their number? TrueCaller for PC is here to rescue.

Name Lookup

It is equipped with an inverse features as well. Contrary to the earlier feature, you can hunt for the name of a certain phone numbers owner, and their contact details (In case, they share it publicly).

Social Network

It provides seamless integrated with your Social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook. Get live friend suggestions and relevant familiarity based search results based on mutual friends.

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