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Safety Awareness & Family Education Network, Inc.      a 501[c]3 public service non-profit corporation

                                                               Don & Susan Rogers
                                                                       Don & Susan Rogers
                                                              Co-Founders of S.A.F.E Network, Inc.


For 15 years we at S.A.F.E. Network have served the personal safety needs of
military bases, churches, youth groups, foster care groups and multitudes of
other public service organizations that serve the needs of children, teens and
families.  The time has come however, to close our doors for a time. The
reasons are varied and need not be discussed in this address.  What we want
to leave you with is the message of hope. 

Since we began this incredible journey our family has grown.  Our six children
have now blessed us with 18 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren.  Children
have always been a major part of our lives, whether it’s those in our family or
your families. We truly love them all and feel it is important that everyone feel
the responsibility of keeping everyone’s children safe from any form of abuse.

It has been an honor to travel across the country to meet and train staff, parents
and kids of all ages on how they can stay safe from sexual abuse, abduction and
exploitation.  Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of children and teens across
this country and in Italy, have been exposed to and taught the vital and valuable
techniques that can prevent them from experiencing the horrors of sexual abuse. 
Although we will be gone for a time, children and teens are continuing to be taught
the curriculum and safety concepts we have provided and will continue to learn the
tricks and lures of predators and how to combat them.  The other bright side is that
thousands of children and teens who were already being abused or exploited have
heard the message that it’s not their fault and that they have the right to say no, to
live safe and to get away from their abusers. 

We also want to say thank you to all of those of you who work tirelessly on behalf
of the children and families you serve. You are the true heroes in this battle. Never
give up, the fight is worth it, even if only one child is saved. While we know there
are many many more than that, it is still worth it for just the one.

Don and I are being called on a mission for our church which will occupy us for
18 months beginning sometime in late January of 2013. After we come back we
will determine how and in what capacity we will continue to fight for the personal
safety of children everywhere.

Our prayers for the children of this nation and around the world find their way
heavenward every day and will continue to do so as long as we have breath. 
Thank you all for a wonderful journey whose next chapter is yet to be written.

Susan Rogers                                                    Don Rogers                                      
Co-Founder                                                       Co-Founder
Chairman of the Board                                     National Training Director
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